Monday, November 14, 2005

Picking Up The Pieces...

It is hard watching someone you love try to inch around the house when normally they are so full of energy. All I can think of is how this must be for those who have their lived turned completely upside down by something permanent. We know, at least we hope, that Nick will get better. I see an improvement just since yesterday, but it has been so hard to see the man I love in pain and feeling helpless.

This has also been one of those coming of age moments for Erin. She is old enough to be scared by Daddy not being the big, strong invincible hero, yet also so sympathetic and helpful to me getting stuff done around the house. Both girls have been such incredible helpers that it has made a rocky weekend bearable.

I’d also forgotten what it was like to sleep in fits and starts. Helping Nick turn over or fetching water bottles in the wee hours of the morning is like being back on those 2 am feeding schedules! If I survived it twice, I can survive it again.

I am SO glad I started the blog about hopeful quotes (my blog called CandlesInTheDarkness) because searching for positive things to share with others has helped me too!

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