Monday, July 03, 2006

Bouncy Dragon... Proud Dragon!

After sharing with all of you how annoying and frustrating self-doubt can be, I can honestly tell you that being able to push past that and work on, to great results, made this dragon very proud.

The house seems far quieter than usual with Nick off at another training seminar. The girls were wonderful helpers, but I had moments of wondering how on earth single parents ever manage to stay sane!!

We had a fun Canada Day weekend and a spectacular bunch of fireworks from Mother Nature last night for over an hour as a severe thunderstorm rolled through just after midnight. I spent much of it drawing when I had moments, refining a cross stitch design and even starting a little something I am hoping to be able to show off in Charlotte. Whenever I started to get bogged down or feel like procrastinating (I can be really good at that sometimes...), I just kept on working on the drawings.

Today, it paid off. I met with Nanny Kay this afternoon and not only did she LOVE the set of illustrations that I’d completed, we went through the next set of pencil drawings/ outline sketches and they got approved too!! Once this set is done, a full 2/3 rds of the project will be drawn and then we can move onto the scanning, photography and layout! YAY!

This time the dragon didn’t skip around the house in glee... I just sat there proudly wishing I had a tail to twitch! I wonder if dragons can purr???


Jasmine Waterfall (Jazz) said...

Congratulations!!! You must feel great. You rock! :-)

Karen said...

Hey Jennifer,
Have been following your saga of flooding - log jams of the creative kind - the joys of being a parent and life in general. Thnaks for sharing it with the rest of us so that we too know that we are not alone.....
Karen from Barrie

tkdchick said...

Jen glad you're pushing through your moments of doubt and procrastination!

To work for yourself requries a lot of self discipline!