Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Communities of Caring...

There is something magnificent and touching about us human beings when we are able to pull together as nations, communities or even as a race if disaster, tragedy or times of trial happen. I can still remember the incredible outpouring after the Tsunami disaster a year and a half ago, the way our whole town mobilized to help stranded passengers and planes after 9/11 and other times in my life when people put their own cares aside to help others in need.

Today was no where near as serious, but I still felt taken care of on so many levels! I had to have some minor but uncomfortable day surgery done after I taught at Weight Watchers this morning, so Nick’s Mum and Jerome took the girls for the whole morning since Nick is away at his seminar. Two of my friends called and offered to take the girls to the zoo or up for a play date if I was still feeling poorly in the afternoon and needed a nap. I actually slept for a bit at my mother-in-law’s after she’d made me some tea and toast while she and the girls watched a movie.

My own daughters were terrific. It is truly amazing to suddenly realize that your own children have grown up enough to be a help to you when you aren’t feeling well.... or at least try not to be too much of a bother!

I missed a call from my brother, but was able to chat with my sister and be reminded that some communities of caring can extend beyond miles and oceans to make me feel loved no matter what!

Friendships and bonds like that take work, however. It is something we must also try to model and be examples of. I have been part of that type of community for others recently and it felt very full circle to be on the receiving end of things today.

Once again, I am gently reminded that our lives are really not about how much stuff we are able to pile up and hoard in our lifetimes, but the many ways in which we reach out to others during our life’s journey and those connections that we make in our daily adventures. Besides... more stuff, just means more dusting!! I’d much rather stitch, draw or blog!!


Jasmine Waterfall (Jazz) said...

Right on! Thanks for the inspiring words, and for always having been there when I've needed you, across countries and time zones. :-)

jymisgurl said...

So very true! Hope you feel better!

tkdchick said...

Hope you're back to normal ASAP!

Anonymous said...

My mom always said it's not the things you leave behind when all is done, it's the memories you leave behind. I hope I'm memorable to those I've touched. I know you are part of my memories and through me your work has become part of good memories for others in my family.