Thursday, December 14, 2006

Morning Dragon Stuck In The Shop On My Sick Computer!

I’m ready to climb the walls!!! My computer is back in the shop until the logic board arrives because they needed to recheck the serial number for the part (they’d ordered the wrong one and were told there over a MONTH wait or longer....) and I am NOT playing lug the computer back and forth any more!

Luckily, I found out about the mix up when I called Apple Canada to find out why the part would take so long... but my model is the one that uses the logic board that Apple DOES have in stock and by next Friday, all should be well... (dare I even cross my fingers?)

The new .pdf for the Morning Dragon chart is still stuck in the eMac at the shop, however, so tomorrow all these stitchers who read my newsletter are going to come wandering over to find a chart that isn’t there!! I can’t even put up a temporary page to let them know!

Sigh! As a graphic designer, having a working computer is as essential to me as breathing and eating chocolate.. a daily necessity! My stomach dropped to my toes when the computer tech said that it could be over a month to get the logic board (wrong model) he’d ordered. The only place in New Brunswick that rents Macs is over 2 hours away!!

Sometimes I miss living in a city like Montreal or Toronto where I can get around by bus or get my claws on some things in a pinch because there is a much bigger market, but I know that if we lived in a city that size, I would have gone back to being a full-time employee for someone else a long time ago! The lifestyle choices that we’ve made wouldn’t be possible in a bigger city where things are more expensive.

At least I got all my Christmas baking done!! When the going gets tough, the tough bake cookies!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your problems with your computer. Feel very sorry for you when they work computers are amazing and when they don't they are the pits. Looking forward to the new freebie Morning Dragon when you can get it posted to your site. May this blip in your computer be the only one for many years.

Deborah UK

Charlie Rosenberger said...

Jen, don't fret over the inability to get Morning Dragon out to you fans(myself included)! They will all understand and wait patiently until your computer troubles have been resolved. Most, if not all, of them are computer savvy enough to understand how these things can happen. These free charts are a loving gift that you give to the stitching world and anyone who gives you a hard time should have their stitching license revoked!


Anonymous said...

Yup... don't worry about it Jen!

Charlie has spread the word on at The Wagon, and TW put the message up on her board. Word will spread and the stitchers will understand.


I hope your computer comes back soon and works properly!


Anonymous said...

No worries, we're all a patient bunch. Besides, it gives us more time to get gifts wrapped, baking done, dust bunnies bannished (temporarily !) before we're overcome with the desire to stitch your gift to us :)

By the way, I saw your ornie in the latest issue of Needle Pulling Thread - I LOVE it !!! That is a must stitch for sure !

Outi said...

I'm one of those stitchers who were wondering what happened, and I've to say that I'm very sorry to hear about those computer problems you're having. (Can't live with them, can't live without them... *gives a pat to both of her computers, just in case*)

But as Shannon said, we're patient bunch. :)

The Dragon said...

No panic here Jennifer - I will look forward to seeing it (and stitching it!) when it arrives. Good luck on getting the computer back sooner rather than later.

Lisa A. said...

Greetings Jennifer , I am one of those people wondering what was going on . More " are you OK ? " than
where is the chart ? I'm sorry to hear about your on going computer problems but glad it isn't more than that . I will be just as happy to get the Morning Dragon chart
wherever it gets here and appreciate it every bit as much as I have all the others . Your work is fantastic and a blessing whenever it comes out way. Thank you for being so generous . Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .

Lisa A.