Monday, May 14, 2007

My Camera Was Found!!!

I could almost weep for joy!! Thrifty Car Rental called this morning to say that my camera had indeed been turned over to the main Lost and Found at office headquarters! When I’d called, the kiosk at the airport hadn’t seen it, but said they would check into it once I gave them the name and model number as well as our contact information (which was on the inside of the case too...)

Not only will the photos of the weekend and all the family pictures I took be safe, my beloved camera will be in my hands in a few days or so. I gave them my Purolator account number so that they could ship it back to me! It’s funny how attached you get to a certain camera’s quirks. I held one model recently when I looked at what it would cost to replace my camera and hated the feel of it in my hands! Artists really are such a touchy-feely bunch!

I got caught up in all the drama of the Survivor finale last night as well. Was I ever angry when Yau-Man got voted off!! The gutsy old man had been my favourite all along and I was just furious when Dreamz turned out to have been playing the game unethically all along. Amen to Boo’s little rant about being tempted. Integrity cannot be bought. How much farther ahead would he have been as a motivational speaker if Dreamz had kept his word and done the honourable thing. He’d probably have made more than a million in the long run and been able to provide for his family for many years to come.

Integrity really cannot be bought. You must have that sense within yourself that you are doing what is right no matter what the world around you says or thinks. I absolutely loved Yau’s quote about his personal philosophy (from a Buddhist background I imagine):

Love Many.
Trust Few.
Do Wrong To None.

Great words to live by and a challenge for anyone and everyone. He’d have had my vote! Maybe I should make it into a cross stitch design so that those who “shared” it illegally would at least have to think about that last line...

Now to go skipping around the house for as long as my energy lasts in a happy Camera Found Dance!!!


Lori-Ann said...

As a fellow artist I total get the "touchy-feely" comment about our artistic tools.

As for Yau Man...I was enraged as well, for all the same reasons, and I found myself yelling at the t.v. (I thought only football fans did that,lol)

I love the Philosophy and would pay for it in a heartbeat if you design one.

You watch...Yau Man will go places now. ;)

Charlie said...

Sadly, those who illegally "share" what isn't theirs, will most likely not think they are hurting anyone and would miss the point entirely!

Charlie Rosenberger

Erica said...

Congrats on the return of your camera - you must be overjoyed!

As beautiful as a pattern would be of that philosophy, I'm pretty sure the thought would be completely lost on those who willfully choose to break the law.

Lori-Ann said...

(still eagerly waving her hand in the air)..."I'll buy one!" LOL

Erin said...

For most of those people, the problem would come in convincing them they were doing wrong in the first place! And I am so thrilled they found your camera! At least there was one honest person out there.