Friday, May 11, 2007

On The Mend...Slowly

It has been a long week of feeling like a sack of wet mice, but I am slowly regaining my energy. Yesterday, I spent the day doing STORYFEST, a literacy enrichment activity for some of the kids in School District 2. It was great fun, but being “perky and bouncy” for 6 hours with groups of kids as I taught them to use their imagination and draw Petitcodiac Muck Monsters took a lot out of me. Staying up until midnight to stitch didn’t help either, but at least I was sitting down!

My walking buddy and I went for our walk this morning and then I came home and napped for a 1/2 hour! I just don’t have the strength and energy that I did before this round of flu and don’t seem to be bouncing back as quickly as my kids. I am sure that the age difference has nothing to do with it... right??

I have a lot to look at this weekend. I am starting to think that there is just no way I will have Santa’s Dragon ready for to ship to Kreinik for the Columbus show without it costing a huge amount for overnight shipping. I got the deadlines for product from Hoffman for that show and the leaflets would have to be in their warehouse by the 28th of May.

Santa’s Dragon WILL come out this summer, but I am honestly looking at how much it would take to get everything wrapped up, proofed, framed etc. in 3 weeks or less and having a slight panic attack. Especially since we discovered yesterday that we lost our digital camera during the trip home from Montreal. I couldn't find it before the event yesterday and when I got home we tore the house apart. We remember having it out at the Royal Montreal Golf Club, but whether it got left there as we changed into street clothes and raced to the airport or in the rental car itself... we just don't know. I could have cried!!! I called the rental company and the club to leave all of the information for them to check, but since it has almost been 2 weeks, I'm afraid someone may not have read our address inside the case but just helped themselves! Getting ready for a show with a borrowed camera would have been a real challenge. I feel so weak that I am almost happy it didn’t work out to attend the show in person this year because I just don’t know where I would find the physical strength. The dragon’s will is strong... but I feel as if all my scales are falling off and I am trying to hold them back in place with both hands!

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Erin said...

Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry! I am way behind on my blog reading and just now finding out that you and yours have been under the weather. Lots of gentle hugs and healing thoughts. Don't push it! Just get better at your own pace. {{{hugs}}}