Saturday, June 02, 2007

Time To Reflect...

It has been a busy time, even if the blog has been silent for a bit. It has taken almost 2 weeks for me to really get my strength back after this bout of flu. By the end of each day, I was ready to just crawl into bed. I kept pushing myself to get out for a bit of exercise, but every task felt like it took twice as much energy as usual.

My sister was also here for a visit and we had a wonderful time. Much of the time or topics that I might have spent blogging about were instead great chats with her over mugs of tea, walks in the woods or lunches. I am so lucky to have a sister who is also someone I admire and enjoy spending time with. Whenever Erin and Bethany get bickering, I explain why they need to support each other. “Someday, your sister will be the only other person on the planet who understands how quirky your parents are!” I keep telling them.

Some topics are also just too personal to blog about. I have had a bit of time to reflect about some things going on in my life and I decided that it is not all going to be stuff that I choose to share with the world. I don’t want my blog to be too cerebral... and I would like it to remain fun or funny as well as an insight into the creative mind of one quirky dragon.

With that said, a few of you got decidedly nervous when you went to check the cross stitch part of our website in the past 24 hours. Yup, instead of all the usual info, there was a little dragon wearing a hard hat announcing the renovations that are going on to the site. The cross stitch part of the site has just gotten a bit too unmanageable, especially since our reports show that many of the pages don’t get visited at all.

The Spring Cleaning bug has spilled over into the website as well and hopefully, when the new parts are up and running by August 1st, you will all find it a fun and easier place to explore the cross stitch designs that I have created. That will also be when we unveil DD-98 Santa’s Dragon officially, but shops may be able to order it from Hoffman a bit sooner than that.

Are there any cupboards or closets in your own house that you’ve been avoiding because things threaten to avalanche every time that door opens? Trust me.... it feels GOOD to get rid of some of that clutter!!!


Lori-Ann said...

I was dreaming of picking up "Proof" at the Moncton store (I can't shop on line). Oh well, someday maybe.

De-cluttering is so draining, and yet I feel so free when it is finished.

You were so quiet, I thought the dragons had you hostage in your basement.

patternnuts said...

Oh, do stop by and tackle some of my closets too! Maybe the basement while you are at it? Hee hee
I won't complain. I like your designs - just on a bit of a "better not buy any more until more projects are done" phase!