Friday, August 24, 2007

Moving Parents...

They’re here! My Mom & John arrived late Thursday night with their van loaded to the gills and the moving truck showed up at their new house this morning at 8:30 am! It was a horrid, wet day that made the job more than a bit damp for the moving crew. By 2 in the afternoon, the boxes and furniture were all moved in and Mom & John collapsed for a nap. Our family went over to bring Chinese take-out for supper and help unpack a few boxes. To say that the girls are giddy with delight at having them less than a block from our house would be a GREAT understatement!!

Having four of the eight grandparents (both Nick and I have parents who divorced and remarried) will be heaven for our girls, especially when I am away in Toronto in October at the Creativfestival. I just found out that that Thursday and Friday are holidays from school for the kids while the teachers have professional development sessions, so it would have been dicey to find a sitter!

Looking around at how many boxes of stuff Mom & John have really made me more determined than ever to get rid of “unnecessary stuff”. I think that this shall be my challenge for the next few weeks as I get my office back to rights once school goes back. I am sure that our church rummage sale could use more objects!

Yay! They’re here at last after a whole summer of house hunting, house finding and back and forths. Welcome Home!!

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Erin said...

Yaaayyy!!! I can only imagine the excitement on all sides. I'm not sure if my son or my parents would be more thrilled with a similar arrangement at my house! LOL Perhaps someday. I hope you all thoroughly enjoy such a wonderful blessing.