Friday, September 28, 2007

Why There Are So Few Dragon Doctors....

I saw the GI specialist yesterday and sure enough, it means more tests. I get to glow in the dark for one and have something shoved up my dragon butt for the other! Lori-Ann’s comment made me think of how risky it would be to try to doctor and angry dragon and out came a doodle!

They’ve told me that both of those tests will be AFTER Toronto in early November, so part of me is very relieved that nothing is going to interfere with the fun of CSNF... but part of me is also not looking forward to being uncomfortable for that much longer!

I went for my first round of physio, prescribed by my doctor in case the pain is being caused by something deep and muscular. While it felt reasonably good at the time, all I can say now is OUCH! Nick insists that I will feel WAY better 24 hours after the little zappy electro-shocky treatment I had today, so I plan to hold him to that!

The fun today was going over the book dummy for Owen and the Dinosaur with the local author. Since few people are probably aware of the process of illustrating a children’s book and watching it grow, I may slap a few pages on the scanner or take some photos to share on this blog for posts next week.

The book dummy is actually one of the most creatively challenging parts of matching the pictures to the text because you are planning out what will go where, how the illustrations will compliment the story rather than distract from it and all fit into a set number of pages. Sometimes it can be a creative high to get things to work within set parameters. Somehow that is less intimidating that just staring at a blank page and having no limits whatsoever.

It poured rain all day today and I must say that the dragon was rather SMUG! I kept looking out at my dry backyard, the dry window well into my office and thinking “Yes, all the digging was WORTH IT!”


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

I've had both of those tests (the radioactive isotope one is especially fun, since you can play pretend "Superhero Kryptonite" games) and all I can say is - buy a new book, because you're going to need one!

Hang in there,

Lori-Ann said...

Ooooh! THAT's what a dragon doctor looks like,lol...I thought so ;) Nice job.

I love to look and show progress pictures when I can see and share them. Makes things interesting for all.

Glad your basement is dry...our still has a small river through it when it rains. Want a job? I hear you have experience,lol.

Art is usually a great distration for me...providing pain isn't too bad.

Praying for your health. gentle hugs.

Deb L said...

I love your sketch! If the muse visits, maybe it would become a cross stitch chart :D

Sending well wishes your way for improved health.