Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beating My Head Against The Screen ...

This is the most frustrating part of the whole book process!

The drawings are all done... they looked fine when scanned in at 600 dpi... but then when I need to convert them to CMYK for the printing process, each page turns into MONSTER FILES that are 265 MB and up!

My poor older Mac running Photoshop 2.0 just doesn’t have enough memory to handle playing around with files that size unless I want to watch it think for 10 to 15 minutes between each command.


Somewhere along the line, I have to compromise.

I hate compromising when it comes to the inner perfectionist’s sense of quality control.

I feel like I have been compromising and compromised all week!

I’ve done all the driving while Nick recovers his sense of balance, purchased birthday presents for parties, driven a rocking chair to school for a Rock-A-Thon, packed the sleeping bag, air mattress and other sundries for an Explorer sleep over, driven to volleyball practices & meetings, driven to doctor’s appointments.... until I am ready to scream!

When the going gets tough... the tough hide in the basement, stay up late and work in the peace and quiet once everyone else has gone to bed.

I am sure that when I hold the book in my hands, this will all be worth it....

but right now, there isn’t enough chocolate in the WORLD to ease this frustration!


Teresa said...

Hang in there, Jen! Your perseverance will pay off!

Hoping Nick will *soon* be back to normal and sharing chauffeuring/delivery duties again!

Round the Bend said...

It will get better!

Nobody expects it to be perfect except you. Remember what you always say in your workshops about the only person who notices your imperfections being you!

There may not be enough chocolate, but give it a good try!

Lori-Ann said...

Hope this week goes better for you all! :(

Why can't all the software programs just play nicely??

I still find myself my worst critic when it comes to art, but this quote helped me out.

"Perfectionism is God's business... Mankind should settle for personal excellence." (author unknown)

Hugs to you (maybe it's not a good time to find your number, lol.)

P.E.Burns said...

Hi Jen;

Just checking out your blog. Round-the-bend is right, you are a perfectionist. Bless your soul, you are bringing the book to life and I will always be grateful for that. Maybe we will be able to buy side by side castles to keep the dragons in. The fun is only beginning.....

I'll have the balance of the material for you tomorrow.

Get some sleep tonight.

tkdchick said...

Get a good night's sleep! When comptuers act up don't you just want to throw it up against the wall and go to the nearest retailer and get the latest, fastest, bestest!!!!!