Thursday, February 28, 2008

It’s DONE!!!

If I had more energy, I would skip around the house in a mad dragon dance of glee... but I have discovered that I just can’t do without sleep as often as I used to in my 20s!

Instead, I am sitting with a warm mug of tea in my claws and purring happily to myself. Ok, maybe dragons rumble with contentment instead of purring... but you get the idea.

All the files for Owen & the Dinosaur have made it safely to the printer’s. They will take care of getting the colour proofs ready while I take some time off and enjoy Spring Break with my family. Yesterday’s snowstorm made it feel anything BUT spring like, however the day off school meant that Nick could get a bit more rest. His balance is still going wonky at the darndest times. He’s been back at school this week but trying to take it a bit easy (as much as a Principal can when they are in the building ) but he’s VERY tired when he gets home at night!

I’ve been working on the website updates for March and they should be posted before lunch time tomorrow, including the announcement of the winners from our name the dragons contest and information about the Easter present for stitchers this month... a tiny dragonlet with bunny ears and a basket. It will go up on the site on March 16th so that all you speedy stitchers can get some done in time for the next weekend. Another great treat with no calories!

If I am quiet here for a week or so, know that I am fine. I am resting, recharging and spending some MUCH needed time with my family! Yawn..... This dragon is WAY to tired to stay up and watch Survivor tonight!


Lori-Ann said...

YAY!! You're done! (pats you on the back) Good job Dwaggy ; o)

Have a great March Break!!

Katie said...

Oh wow, the cover looks awesome. :)

To make a long story short I was catching up with an old high school classmate of mine on facebook and didn't realize that he had quite a productive animation company 80 or so minutes north of you and they do hire freelance. I just thought I'd pass it on incase it is ever something you want to branch into (

stitching aussie style said...

The cover is FANTASTIC! Rest, enjoy and then go again.... :-)

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed watching this come together. Congratulations!! Take some time off, rest and get totally well, you deserve it.


Teresa said...

Big congratulations on a job well done, Jen! You certainly deserve some rest and relaxation. Enjoy your break with your family!