Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok... I look a little like this dragon as I race around to get my portfolio wrapped up and get packed for Los Angeles. I just need to remind myself to take a deep breath now and then and trust in what I can do and in following my dream.

My iTunes mix right now consists of my two theme songs for this summer. Both songs have words that I have mumbled and sung to myself over and over. The first is Walk On The Moon by Great Big Sea and the second is One Step At A Time by Jordan Sparks. I will be humming them in my head all weekend in Los Angeles any time I get nervous!

It helped that a good friend who is an award-winning graphic designer came over last night and looked at my portfolio to see what needed to be moved around, edited etc. He had some very valuable insights and also pointed out some strengths I hadn’t realized about the work that I’d put together....

So now I feel a little calmer than I did when I drew this yesterday morning!

Of course this dragon can also apply to many of you who read my blog and visit my website...


There has been a wonderful flood of e-mails, messages, condolences etc. pouring in... and many of you seem to be grieving because you think I won’t be designing anything or selling my existing designs or creating any large designs or doing anything except teach in person.....

I tried to make things clear in my blog and on the website, but maybe I’d better clear up a few points of confusion.

1) I don’t own a shop and I am not going out of business! There is a WONDERFUL store right here in Moncton that will continue to carry and sell my stuff. I will also continue to sell my existing designs to shops through Hoffman and directly to shops that I deal with. You don’t have to worry that stuff will suddenly go out of print! If I do run out of any inventory of OLDER designs, those will be transferred to PatternsOnline.com so that they can still be enjoyed by stitchers around the world.

2) I am not quitting designing completely! I have spent a great deal of the past 15 years focussed on cross stitch, but just because my focus is changing a bit does not mean that a design won’t creep into my head and demand to be stitched instead of painted. Some images that I have created could ONLY have come to life through needle and thread. I doubt that will change... it just may not be as often as fans would like.

3) Having new designs on PatternsOnline.com won’t mean that they will all be small ones... just look at some of Teresa Wentzler’s designs on there!!

If you could see how crowded my poor 10 x 10 self-store is, you’d understand why I need to stop SELF-PUBLISHING cross stitch patterns for now. There is only so much room to store things, especially with a dozen or so cases of Owen & The Dinosaur books in there too!

To all those who sent messages telling me how much my designs have meant to you over the years... THANK YOU! The biggest joy for any artist is to know that they created something that touched another person in some way. That isn’t going to stop until my head and my hands aren’t capable of making pretty pictures anymore.

So Don’t Panic! Trust me... I’ve been doing enough of that for everyone!


riona said...

I am glad you will still feel inspired to design for cross-stitch from time to time ... perhaps by the time you do, I will have finished the 4 purchased and 3 sample charts of yours that I have in my stash. But I really must buy a copy of The Guardian before he goes Out of Print. Hope to make it up to the Toronto Creative Arts Festival someday to take one of your classes and to get you and Teresa Wwentzler to autograph all my charts.

Best wishes in all your future endeavours ... yours is a fine talent ... and I, for one, have been delighted to experience it.

Round the Bend said...

I'm laughing, because when I passed on the information on your career shift to another stitching friend, we were both somewhat sad...

Until I said, Well, then. I've stitched four. Now I only have 96 more options. And we both started chuckling, because the body of work you have created is enough to keep most stitchers busy for most of a lifetime.

I've always enjoyed your classes, and I'm glad that you've found a decision that you can be at peace with.

Lori-Ann said...

Go, Jen!

As Dory from "Finding Nemo" says...
"Just keep swimming"... or singing, LOL.

Hugs! and don't be nervous, you talented girl!