Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Where is January Going??

I can’t believe that it is Wednesday already. Actually, I can! Monday was indeed a snowstorm and there was this one little circle of the province where Mother Nature dumped more than 30 cm of snow... can you guess where?? Moncton!! It was so funny to see our city shown as this little circle on the Weather Channel while the announcer was talking about one city getting double the snow of anywhere else in the storm!! So the kids and Nick were home for a 4th day!!

This time, having finished RuneKeeper in the wee hours of the morning, I called a courier company and got THEM to drive the horrible roads to get the CD to the printer... then I played with my kids and took it easy. The only problem was that our snow blower decided to conk out, so when a neighbour came to help, we decided to team up for supper and let our kids play... It was fun, but Tuesday I was very glad to have a quiet house again.

I got the Iris proofs (colour proofs) of RuneKeeper yesterday and went in to colour calibrate the front image. My monitor is not as accurate as the ones the printers use and I found the cover photo looked a little too Magenta for my tastes, so we played with that and now I am getting really excited about seeing the final product. The “bluelines” (prints made from the actual negatives) are home with me to proof tonight, and then it is a go. Wheee!!

I had meetings and errands all day until Nick called me on the cellphone to say he wasn’t feeling well. I think he’s getting a brush of the flu that has been going through his school and wiping out all the teachers that didn’t get their flu shots. Nick got his, so I am sure he won’t be down and out for long... but since he is in meetings all tomorrow, he wanted to get some rest tonight.

I checked e-mail and found 3 orders that have to ship out tomorrow, so it is off to Staples to get the charts that I don’t have in stock copied for batching.... I can’t believe it is the 21st already???!!!

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