Monday, March 22, 2004

Spring... Hah!

We celebrated the first full day of spring yesterday with 10 cm of new, white, fluffy snow. It was actually the kind that in December makes you want to skip around and sing carols... because it fell in soft, white, whirling flakes and clung to every branch and twig.

But now that it is the end of March, I have had a taste of warmer weather and I am hearing from people further to the south who are already gardening... I think I am ready for the lovely white stuff to melt away.

We had our big goodbye party/birthday celebration yesterday as well. It was bittersweet as any parting is. I suppose the true test of any friendship or relationship is whether or not you are willing to invest the time and energy to keep it going.

Today I also got down to the business of tidying my office and cleaning up e-mail, trying yet again to get a response on two Russian sites that are hosting my patterns illegally. I did manage to get one of them closed down... but I don’t know if they have just moved it or realized that they were doing something wrong. The second site is being more stubborn. I suspect that this is someone who KNOWS they are breaking the law and just doesn’t care. I have been writing to the people who run the site, but they are far harder to deal with that Yahoo or MSN.... possibly because of the language barrier. Sigh! Those were hours I’d much rather have been designing. Thank goodness for stitchers who can surf around and let me know about sites like this. If I was trying to police my own stuff out there, I’d never have time to design another piece!

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