Friday, March 26, 2004

A Wonderful Princess Day...

I’m not even sure how they first came to be named “Princess Day” in our household.... but today was another one of them. Princess Day can only occur when there are school holidays and Nick still has to leave the house. It then falls upon us girls to lounge about in our jammies for most of the day and do silly stuff, games, crafts, baking etc.

On a Princess Day, Mommy only takes phone calls and leaves her computer off unless there is an unforeseen emergency with a client, so it is a change of pace for me as well. Sometimes, though not this morning, they even sleep in. This morning, Bethany had a nightmare about people trying to steal her, so she crept into our bed as soon as she heard Nick’s alarm go off.

Once Nick was out the door, we made low-fat blue berry muffins with enough extra frozen blueberries in them to turn the batter purple. We lounged about and played for a bit then tried out the new Harvest Moon “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the Game Cube. The girls had fun naming the puppy and cow as we started out to build our farm and the graphics are spectacular, but right now they are very much hooked by the action and danger involved in the Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. It wasn’t long before they were pleading with me to switch games and we had great fun learning how to soar off a cliff using a chicken as our glider! The only hard part is that neither of them are interested in mastering the controls yet... so guess who has to be doing the actions? The only problem is that whenever I make mistakes (as you sometimes do with video games) I get this chorus of “Oh MOM!!” in stereo!! At one point in a tunnel, Erin was screaming “no... go right... go RIGHT!” so loudly in my ear when I got turned around that I made them turn off the game for a break. Since it was close to lunch, I taught them how to make their own mini pizzas using English Muffins while I made myself some tuna melts. Bethany discovered that she loves tuna fish (which Erin cannot abide) and took great delight in telling Erin how much she loved it... but it set them both off on a round of quoting the Lilo and Stitch movie. “Do you know what tuna is? It’s fish!! If I gave Pudge a Tuna Fish sandwich, I’d be an abomination!!” (Try to picture an almost 5 year old with no front teeth say the word abomination! My sides still hurt!)

The only mishap of the day was Bethany chewing a hole in her jammies during a scary part of the Zelda game, so we are ending Princess Day with a run to the store to buy some new jammies for the smallest princess. Luckily we ran out of time and Nick came home before we got to the part where they styled my hair with all the little hair clips they own!!

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