Friday, August 11, 2006

Travel Adventures!!!

It's well past midnight back home and my 2 brave daughters are zonked up in the hotel room. We've arrived safely in Charlotte after flying through a crazy Newark airport today under the new security regulations. When we woke up this morning, we discovered that all the rules for flying had changed thanks to a terrorist threat. Arriving at the airport almost 2 1/2 hours early gave us the information we needed and forced us to transfer all but the most essential medications out of our carry-on luggage. All flights were messed up and we waited over an hour in Newark for our plane to leave, but that meant no running between gates with a 20 minute connection.

We arrived in Charlotte this afternoon, only 1 hour late, but alas... only 2 of our 5 bags made it with us!!! One other flight was due in just minutes after ours, so they asked us to wait and see if the bags were on that flight. An hour later, Erin was in tears because Bethany had her swimsuit and clothes but none of the rest of us did. We finally filed the appropriate forms and headed off to claim the rental car.

So here I am at the hotel. The only clothes I have are the ones I am wearing. My models did arrive safely, but the suitcases with the materials for the class I need to teach tomorrow, all of my dress clothes, the extra patterns etc. are somewhere in limbo. A massive thunderstorm this evening has turned at least one flight back, so there is a very slim chance that our luggage may come in at 1 am or not.

Everyone here is very supportive and I am sure that I can teach the class regardless... but it has certainly made things a bit more stressfull that I had anticipated. Kudos to all the airline and security personal who had to handle so many passengers today, like us, who are confused, missing things etc. I have made a point of thanking everyone I dealt with today. I would rather they be extra carefull than rush things and I don't envy anyone who had to deal with grumpy, irrate passengers today.

Bethany was a bit freaked out when Nick told her that she would have to share her underwear with everyone until our bags arrived! We did manage to find some contact lens solution at the hotel shop and a lens case for about $15.00, so at least Nick and I can get our lenses out soon and try to grab some sleep. The master copies for my order forms, trade show handouts and covers for one whole set of chartpacks were in my missing luggage, so I may have to get VERY creative tomorrow....

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tkdchick said...

Jen I've had this happen and I hope evrything shows up in a timely manner! We just grin and bear it airports are one thing we have absolutely no control of!!!